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IT is human driven and our employees are not faceless nerds but a team in which everyone can use his/her strengths. Creativity is needed if we are looking for individual solutions for our customers and by and a lot of perseverance it is necessary to make the ideas run. Solutions are proposed over lunch or shortly before midnight.

[fancy_heading size=”large”]PROJECT MANAGEMENT[/fancy_heading]

As an efficient partner and specialist in rollouts and manpower, we offer a full service from a single source -> from developing new ideas through to their successful completion.


Project Method

Different projects require a flexible approach. That is why we come up with different solutions based on the request for e.g. if it is a construction project, Integration- / migration project or demolition project.

Construction project: Here is creating a completely new infrastructure.

Integration project: Here new components are integrated into an existing system.

Migration Project: When migrating an existing system data and set up at another location again.

Decommissioning project: In the event that a system is no longer needed, we offer you with professional dismantle of your hardware and environmentally friendly disposal.

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[fancy_heading size=”large”]MANAGED SERVER LINUX & WINDOWS[/fancy_heading]

We have developed a new way to manage safely the entire IT infrastructure via integrated web-based applications for small and medium-sized. Here you can use the full power of disk, CPU and RAM. You can take advantage of low-priced cutting-edge server hardware. You manage your server comfortably with BEK control panel via a web interface. You cannot only configures the resource but also utilisation for each server, domains, email accounts and manage applications.

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  • windows und linux ServerWe have years of experience as an IT service provider in Windows and Linux servers’ management.
  • We have a bunch of IT specialists to take care of your IT systems.
  • You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We can assist in the strategic development and IT investment planning.
  • We use professional management and monitoring solutions for our IT services.
  • By permanent monitoring, we can react early to avoid any disruption to the service.
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[fancy_heading size=”large”]EXTERNAL IT PROFESSIONALS[/fancy_heading]

But what if you have your own IT staff and hardly need us, because you need the staff, for example, for just a few hours a day or only for a limited period?

You want an external IT specialist for your company that takes care of your IT systems, adapts to changing needs and as a partner also for everyday someone who your users can rely on and is always available?

We provide you depending your requirements, with perfectly trained IT staff available full-time or even for a few hours. Our employees constantly develop further and are therefore always up to date.

[fancy_heading size=”large”]IT ROLLOUTS[/fancy_heading]

IT Rollout

IT Rollouts in the “hardware and software” is the exchange of leasing equipment such as TFT monitors, VoIP telephony, printer or PC / server itself. Our qualified staff on site takes care of the establishment or degradation as well as structured cabling and clean workplace.

Further, successfully completed rollouts include the exchange (installation / dismantling) and install or remove vending equipment, money and betting machines, statement printers and more.

This experience allows us to turn your future projects into a reality optimally.

We have IT Rollout Technician who can undertake required steps, such as the pre-configuration of systems that already perform in our warehouse.

In addition, we secure our rollout projects if necessary via special insurance.

Finally, we would work when you want it: After office hours, on weekends and even on holidays!

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[fancy_heading size=”large”]MANAGED EMAIL ARCHIVING

Email archiving is required by law. There is legal requirements (for example, from §147 AO or § 257 HGB) for companies to store a copy of any e-mail correspondence, prepared by a business, settled, completed or reversed in archive. Information must be kept secure against manipulation and available at any time from six to ten years.

Responsibility for the implementation of the legal requirements lies with the management. A violation of the archiving obligation is punishable by law and also in certain cases with civil charges as well.

How does the email archiving work?
An e-mail archive is a functional storage system for the management of very large and rapidly increasing volume of data that can be managed in user-friendly space. It is vital to back up all future emails in an archive, which cannot be deleted or manipulated.


Email info


Benefits of email archiving:
• Reliable compliance with the applicable laws
• Use of e-mail as evidence in court
• Data loss can be avoided
• No accidental deletion of emails possible
• No time-consuming tasks to organise mailboxes
• Recovery process of emails will be significantly simplified
• Large cost savings with the E-Mail Archive Service

What does the E-Mail Archive Service cost?

The pricing model is very simple and there are no hidden costs. The monthly fee is €7.90. We also charge €5.90 per e-mail user per month.
To set up E-Mail Archive Service a flat rate of 49 EUR will be charged.
After ordering you can use the service straightaway. They are protected by law and you can find any email in seconds. If you need additional assistance in setting up your company, please contact us. We can assist you in setting up your IT equipment.

In order to remain flexible, we grant you a monthly termination. You can include as many users as they register as they wish. You pay only what you really need.

We are happy to help. Contact us right now!

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