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We offer a complete range of below-the-line communication, credibility and transparency.

Result of the experience and expertise we act even with short-term needs are not only reliable but also fast.

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We are, so to speak, to become a family. With our new company in the fields of Server & Network BEK Server Web Services (@BEK Server) we form the BEK Group Service.

The #BEK Group Service – developed unusual, creative and innovative brand communication ideas for events, promotions, trade shows and roadshows. We know the requirements of the trade. Every day, qualified people of BEK Group service are present for you at the point of sale. Be it promoters, merchandisers, decorators, service staff or qualified personnel – we support your product professionally and move it in the right light. We provide a personal service available, to get down to your requirements.
Why should you choose us? Quite simply: We find solutions even for complex tasks and implement them accordingly. Continuous contact with the management is of course throughout the project. We connect people with brands.

Companies like Mömax, Deutsche Bank, Barmer GEK, Sonnen GmbH, Liqui-Moly, Lubplus, Armatec FTS GmbH & Co. KG, Galeria Kaufhof and many more have already dared to explore new and effective ways with us. And all had success with us. Whether by web design, app development, photo & film, promotions, trade shows, event promotion & exhibition staff, video marketing, online marketing, graphic design or 360 degree marketing by our unique group structure, etc. – we evaluate your company in order to set the right idea in an optimal order.

Recipe for success
Each company has its very own recipe for success. To get started, see right here. We even tell our secret ingredient.

  • We have the right tools to help your business perform better: digital, events and promotion Natives. As we know in an out of these fields.
  • We only present ideas that we stand behind and can be implemented perfectly.
  • Self-promoters have a place with us and can be made available at your doorstep.
  • Our crews are wonderful and unique. Event Manager, Logistic, storyteller, technicians, actors, award-winning chefs and many more great people are coming together to form the perfect team for your project.
  • And the secret ingredient? Love! We love our customers. We love our employees. We love what we do. We love Brands.
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The successful performance of a company is determined by many factors that are combined into a holistic strategic approach – the corporate identity. To stay competitive, every company needs to be flexible and adapt to the technical and graphical changes of time.

If you have questions or are interested please contact. We are happy to work with you to realise your ideas.

Videos are becoming increasingly important for the company and brand communication. Moving pictures: You have a versatile communication tool that conveys your message on an emotional level and is accepted by the users more and more in the network. It may also affect your visibility in a positive way by using videos in the right place – so you will be found where your target audience is searching for you. If you have questions or are interested please contact us. We are happy to work with you to turn your ideas into reality.


Everybody has been able to explore our streets with “Street View” virtually for the last couple of years as Google now makes the technology available to shops and businesses – with “Street View Trusted”. This can be used as 360 ° walking tours of businesses – such as restaurants, hotels, furniture stores and doctors’ offices – to create and be published on the Internet. As a Google-certified agency for Google Street View program, we guarantee you a professional implementation of your virtual tour, leaving the impression and satisfaction for you and your customers.


Are you looking for creative ideas in the areas of incentives, corporate events, exceptional product presentations, customer events and many more? Then you are exactly at the right place with us. The BEK team raises every B2B event on creative and experiential way to new dimensions. Of course this is only possible with great understanding of the target audience, a good dose of innovation and a lot of passion. And that is what we present your consumers with.


Your own website or mobile app allows you to define new channels for your products or services. The permanent availability in World Wide Web makes general information and activities of your business available around the clock. Thus, you increase the conversation rate and reach of your business and obtain an effective and inexpensive way of advertising.


Online marketing definition includes the measures taken in marketing, which will be implemented by means of the Internet. Our SEO strategies include the page optimisation and far end with off page optimisation and content marketing. In addition to the semantic optimisation of your texts, we also pay attention to conversion requirements, not only to bring traffic to your site, but also to have leads and sales for you at a glance.


Hardly a match field in marketing is as wide as Promotions: Sales Promotions, Street Promotions, POS promotions, sampling, road shows, flash mobs, guerrilla marketing, … sometimes it depends on the perfect branding, out sophisticated logistics, sometimes on the right promoters, sometimes on a sophisticated writer. And again another time there is something in common – the beauty for you: We are an expert in those fields.


We bring together what belongs together. For example, your events, promotions, trade shows or catering with our employees. With a few clicks, manage projects, find the appropriate staff or leave feedback for our employees. Just tell us what you need and we convince you with the personal power of BEK. Emergency support is available 24 hours.


Explain Videos

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“We love Brands.” – As it is said in our philosophy, e-mail signature and our hearts. Marketing below the line is in our lifeblood. Because it is a highly emotional thing for us. It is vital that one looks at the strategically relevant additions, trend analysis, creativity, innovation and cost efficiency at the center of the design. But ultimately it is all about disciplines. And we can inspire you in these disciplines.

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